Kristina Allender

Kristina Dee Allender

k6Born in Fremont, NE.

Jr & Sr. High School: North Bend Central

College: University NE @ Omaha; graduated with honors

Professional voice lessons: 12-2009 to current

Range: Strong belt appx 3 octave range ( I only want that to be become broader )

Other talents/interests: Writing, physical fitness, acting, dancing, animal advocate to name a few

I was given up for adoption at birth & about 3 months later it was discovered I had/have an eye condition diagnosed as congenital nystagmus. It left me charted legally blind until I was 40. I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Singing has always been my passion. I knew I wanted to be a singer since I was 3 years of age. That desire never left and the determination to be a successful singer grew. As a toddler, my musical interest was Cher. She is still one of my favorites! My role model is Celine Dion. Other interests include Whitney Houston, Richard Marx, Loretta Lynn, Tina Turner, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill & others. The largest impact regarding artists is of course, Michael Jackson. To me, he was a person before a superstar. Since I grew up Jehovah’s Witness as he & his family, he has a personal meaning to me.

My Nystagmus caused me to never have a driver’s license. Music was my therapy & has carried me through many life events, as I know it has for many other people worldwide. A turning point of magnitude in my life was when I met my current eye doctor & surgeon, Dr. Rich Hertle, currently in Akron, OH. This is where I had an eye surgery that improved my sight enough to earn & achieve a driver’s license. He isn’t only my doctor, he’s a person I respect, support & have appreciation for.

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