Fear to Create

Fear Is the Shadow

Fear holds us back. It holds us back from the life we are supposed to live. It holds up back from our destiny.

Fear of failure. Fear of judgement. Fear of loss. Fear of not being good enough. This will hold you back from creating your beautiful self God intended you to be. Do you recognize those fears? Do they creep in when you want to create? Create a job. Create a project. Create a song. Create a painting. We were born to create. We were created to create by the great creator himself. It is deep in us and until we release the fear of creating we will never be what we were created to be.

What is one thing you will create today? New recipe? New Painting? New song? New Career?

Write it down.

Work through the Soul Seekers Guide

Become intentional.


The Artisan Soul- Erwin McManus